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Wine Toast


How long will we spend at each winery?

The average is about 60-75 minutes per winery. We will spend a little longer at any wineries where we may enjoy lunch or a tour.

Do you plan our itinerary for us?

Yes, Hidden City Wine Tours will plan your day from start to finish. We will make any necessary reservations for your group at no extra charge. 

Whenever selecting wineries on your behalf, we take the following into consideration:

  • Smaller, family owned wineries

  • Warm & friendly service

  • Extra perks and experiences when possible (think tour, wine cave, etc)

Where can you pick us up?

We are happy to pick you up anywhere within San Diego County. Tours are billed by hours. 

How much will my tour cost?

Your tour cost will be determined by region, activities, food and tastings, if you'd like Hidden City Tours to provide an all inclusive experience. Upon request, we offer gourmet boxed lunches, charcuterie boards, and will consider special requests. 

Are wine tasting fees included?

Yes, tasting fees + tips for servers are included in your price. 

No refunds will be issued if a guest fails to participate in any part of the scheduled itinerary.

Is lunch included for our private tour?

Lunch is not automatically included in your private tour, but we can provide you with lunch options or snacks options.

When wine tasting, some of our favorite options include enjoying one of the winery restaurants,  or enjoying a picnic lunch at a winery after your tasting. 

You're welcome to bring your own picnic items, or we can work with you to provide a delicious gourmet boxed lunch or charcuterie board.

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