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Factors that Impact the Cost of Wine Tasting in San Diego

Cost of Wine Tasting in San Diego

When planning a day of wine tasting in San Diego, you may be wondering how much you and your guests should budget for the day and what factors may impact that cost. By researching and planning, you may be able to control some of these factors and choose the right options for you and your group.

This blog will review the top 4 factors that contribute to the cost of wine tasting in San Diego. We discuss how each factor can drive the cost up or down, and why. That way, you are empowered and confident when making the decisions in regard to your San Diego Wine Country experience.

Being a lover of lists, here is a list of the top 4 factors we will explore when starting to estimate the cost of a day wine tasting in San Diego.

1. Number of Wineries

2. Special Experiences

3. Food

4. Transportation

1. Number of Wineries you plan to visit

The costs associated with a day of wine tasting is first dependent on how many wineries you plan to visit. Typically, we suggest visiting 34, depending on the different wine regions of San Diego you’d like to visit. Some are located in close proximity to each other, while others are a little more off the beaten path.

Wine tasting fees can vary from one winery to another. The average cost is $15-$25 per person, per winery. Some wineries will waive tasting fees for those guests who purchase their wine, or join their wine club. If you find a wine that you like, we encourage you to buy their bottles, or join their wine club. Typically, a wine club comes with complimentary tastings, discounted wine purchases, and exclusive events throughout the year.

Remember, you’re supporting local boutique wineries, with some of them only offering bottle sales from their tasting room. This may be your only chance to bring home and enjoy later.

2. Special Experiences

A lot of our San Diego wineries may offer a special experience, and those experiences may have an extra cost associated with it. Some of these experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Behind the scenes tours –Walk the vineyards with an experienced guide to see the process of how wine is made.

  • Barrel Tasting – one of our local wineries offers a private barrel tasting with their winemaker, including a charcuterie board and focaccia for $50 a person.

  • VIP Tasting Experience – enjoy a private wine tasting in a breathtaking wine cave located on the property.

  • Chocolate & Wine Pairing – this needs no explanation. Pair your wine with perfectly suited chocolate samples.

When planning your San Diego wine tasting, a special experience at a winery makes for a unique and unforgettable day. Keep these in mind when estimating the costs when visiting your local San Diego wineries.


While most wineries do not allow outside beverages or coolers (water as an exception), some San Diego wineries offer food for purchase. Many offer packaged charcuteries and crackers, while others offer a full menu of pizza, pasta, and the like. Some wineries are known to bring in a food truck for the day! The choices are there!

Many wineries allow you to bring your own food to enjoy while tasting. It’s best to find out if the wineries you are visiting accept outside food. If you find that one of the wineries allows outside food, here are ideas for a perfect wine country picnic.

Either of these ideas are something to consider when estimating your costs when planning your wine tasting day.


And finally, the final factor to consider and maybe the most important one, transportation.

We always recommend having a driver when wine tasting in San Diego. Many of these wineries are located on winding country roads.

While there is Uber and Lyft in San Diego County, given the limited coverage in the San Diego wine country, it can be difficult to request a ride after each winery, there will be a lot of waiting around, and the costs add up.

To enhance your San Diego wine country visit, we recommend booking a wine tour company to help you make the most of your time and make this a memorable experience. Depending on the wine tour company, and what’s included, you will find prices varying from $85 - $200+ per person.

All Things Considered

Now that you understand the factors that may impact the cost of your wine tasting day in San Diego, it’s time to start planning.

Hidden City Wine Tours includes trip planning and customization from start to finish, safe and private luxury transportation, and a memorable day. We provide more than just transportation, but an entire experience for a group of up to 6 guests.

Your Private Wine Experience Awaits...

Contact Hidden City Tours on our Contact Us page to book your San Diego wine tasting trip today.

Tour Highlights Include:

  • Professional Concierge Service

  • Full Itinerary Planning - we make all reservations

  • Safe, Spacious & Comfortable Luxury Mercedes Van

  • Friendly Tour Guides - 5 Star Customer Service

  • Complimentary Bottled Water

  • Dog-Friendly - must be friendly and on a leash

  • Deli Lunch/Charcuterie available upon request

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