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San Diego Wineries - why they aren't Temecula

San Diego Wineries - Why they aren't Temecula

I’m going to say it – Temecula is not in San Diego! It’s not even in the same County as San Diego! It so disappointing when you come up to an article titled “15 best wineries in San Diego” and it’s a list of Temecula Wineries. False Advertisement! Don’t get me wrong, Temecula Wineries are great, but I will let you in on a little secret – SO ARE SAN DIEGO WINERIES! I may be biased, but San Diego Wineries aren’t just great – they are truly something special.

San Diego Winery Views
San Diego Winery with a View - Cordiano Winery

What makes them so special? When visiting San Diego Wineries, often you will see the winemakers and owners involved in the daily operations, even in the tasting rooms. This provides a much more up-close wine tasting experience in an intimate setting. You’ll see winery dogs (and cats) greeting the friendly faces of their customers (every winery needs a dog, in my opinion). Unlike Temecula Wine Country, which is full of high-volume producers, and a lot corporately owned, San Diego County wineries are essentially all small, family-owned operations. The wineries are smaller, production is lower, and they have a certain charm that’s indescribable. And the wine – award winners!

Dog Friendly San Diego Winery
Sir Tankerton - Welcoming Dog at Mia Marie Vineyards

People are often surprised when they hear that San Diego is where California wine began. Today, San Diego is home to more than 114 wineries throughout the County. San Diego is one of the unique areas in the world where rolling hills of vineyards are just a short drive from the beach. Known for their quality, bold and rich aromas, San Diego wines are quickly gaining attention worldwide. What’s really interesting is that San Diego has more distinct microclimates than any other single county in the US with our coast, valleys, mountains, deserts, and rivers – our unique microclimates make for some perfect conditions for more than 60 grape varietals!

San Diego Winery differs from Temecula Winery
Estate D' Iacobelli - Fallbrook, CA

Wine lovers praise the San Diego Wine region, with a wide selection of varieties - there's truly something for everyone!

When thinking about planning a San Diego Wine Tour, let Hidden City Wine Tours create a unique experience for you and your group. Check out our Wine Tours page to see our current offerings.

Our mission is to share our love of the locally owned small wineries of San Diego. Through education, community, one-of-a-kind experiences - we are committed to inspire others to develop an appreciation for the charming San Diego Wineries.


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