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San Diego Wine Tours

San Diego Wineries

People are often surprised when they hear that San Diego is where California wine began.  Today, San Diego is home to more than 150 wineries throughout the County. San Diego is one of the unique areas in the world where rolling hills of vineyards are just a short drive from the beach. Known for their quality, bold and rich aromas, San Diego wines are quickly gaining attention worldwide.

When exploring San Diego Wineries you will find actual winemakers doing what they love, small locally owned boutique wineries, friendly faces, and of course award winning wine! Wine lovers praise the San Diego Wine region, with a wide selection of varieties - there's truly something for everyone!

Hidden City Wine Tour’s mission is to share our love of the locally owned small wineries of San Diego. Through education, community, one of a kind experiences - we are committed to inspire others to develop an appreciation for the charming San Diego Wineries. 

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